About the Author

About the blog:

Welcome to For the Love of Languages, a blog that discusses language, language learning, and culture. It also follows the language learning progress of the author, Aaron Posehn. It is his hope to also bring in outside sources and articles on the subject of language learning in order to provide a better understanding of the process for himself and for readers. As he is currently focusing on Mandarin and Japanese, many of the posts here will include topics surrounding these specific languages.

About Aaron Posehn:


I have had an interest in foreign languages and cultures since I was about 9 or 10. In highschool I first approached Mandarin Chinese through self-study while in elementary school, though I also continued formally in high school with extra-curricular classes and then at university as well. I also took eight years of the prescribed French curriculum between Grades 5-12, but let’s just say my French today is less than admirable.

I’ve dabbled here and there in many languages since that time, mostly just learning how to write different scripts and how to say simple phrases. Some of these include Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Spanish, and Latin.

For the Love of Languages is here then to document the things that I learn along the way, such as why you don’t have to be a genius to learn a language, how to study a language through social networking, or why it’s useful to understand a foreign script even if you don’t speak that language.

I also recently completed my first eBook on how to learn Chinese characters in January 2013 and you can check it out here. My second eBook on how to learn the Korean alphabet was also just released in February 2013 and you can find that one here.

Besides languages, I also have a wide variety of interests spanning areas such as science, philosophy, business, and history. This probably stems from all of the different classes I took at university, though I graduated with a major in Asian Area Studies and concentrated primarily on economic, political, legal, and historical issues in China, Taiwan, and India.

(Aaron Posehn)畢業於加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學,文學學士學位,主修亞洲學並著重於對中國大陸、台灣以及印度的研究。他也同時擁有卡普拉奴大學的文科副修學士學位,研究方向有哲學、歷史、英文和數學。